The SOTER Institutional Group has been a respected player in the Hungarian adult education sector since 1991. SOTER Training Academy is a business unit specialises in organizational development, corporate training and open training, as well as coaching tasks and development. Soter Training Academy is a multi-legged training company which provides an outstanding service in the domestic market. We ensure quality development by employing excellent trainers, consultants and coaches, high-quality organizational activities and appropriate material conditions.

Training, Coaching, Organizational Development

Our services listed below:

  • Corporate trainings
  • Open trainings
  • Coaching
  • Organizational development

Our philosophy

„Keeping the pace? Not enough. You have to take a step advantage!”

We believe that in the minute-by-minute changing business environment, only those companies that continuously monitor their narrower and wider economic environment and opportunities outside the organization are able to embark on a lasting path of success and continuous development as well as they can mobilize and develop their human and material resources within the organization.

Only those organizations are able to perform well in the long term that treat their

  • specific structure, operation,
  • infrastructural support, and
  • development of the human resources

as organically connected units in change processes.

Where the value of human workforce is recognised and continuously developed the innovation is guaranteed. These companies can adapt quickly to changing environmental needs and in the medium term, to return on investment, increase performance and motivation, and reduce fluctuations.

Our mission

As an organizational development and training company, we regard it as our mission to help organizations having a human resource base that makes them competitive.

For this purpose we strive to

  • better understand the operation of your company.
  • to see through the organizational features
  • explore and understand development needs
  • propose appropriate programs (e.g. competency development     trainings, workshops, coaching, further trainings, introduction of  changes, examination of efficiency, etc.)
  • implement each development process
  • measure the success of each program

Our many years of consulting experience show that even the best ideas are always at risk in the implementation phase.

Our methodological knowledge and experience help us to support our clients in making change processes not only along theoretical principles and expert suggestions, but also creating new standards that have been realized by the employees.

Which ensures all these aspirations:

  • we work with an experienced team of senior trainers and consultants
  • we guarantee a customer-centric and flexible attitude on behalf of our organizers
  • we provide offers based on previous personal professional consultation, which are tailored to the needs of the contracting authority in each case
  • in the case of tenders, we pay special attention to preparation and follow-up
  • we also provide our well-equipped training rooms in Budapest for open and outsourced trainings
  • we work with competitive prices, and in the case of our open trainings we provide permanent staff discounts

Our experience in numbers

  • Year of foundation: 1991
  • Number of employees developed: 3800 4200 per year
  • Our sales revenue: over HUF 1 billion annually
  • Number of our specialists: 33 people (trainers, coaches, organizational developers) 

How can we offer more than other training companies?

In addition to the Training Academy, our professional team, together with other divisions, stands its ground in the adult education market, such as the Soter Line Education Center (Vocational Training), Soter Language School, and the IT Academy.

  • Are you looking for a training for one person or for a larger group?
  • Do you need language or IT training?
  • Are you looking for a professional training for your accountant or a colleague working in HR?

The SOTER group offers a solution and answer to all these needs.


Feel free to contact us with your questions or requests!

Zsóka Gáspár
Training industry leader
+36 1 887 2326
Réka Sarkadi
Training manager
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