Presentation skills training

The title of the training: Presentation skills training
Location of the training: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

Presentation skills training

The purpose of the presentation skills training is to give participants feedback on their individual strengths (which they can always rely on) and to get ideas and practices for the areas to be developed.


Presentation skills training dates and prices

Day of the training
Training duration
9:00 - 17:00
Participation fee
75.000 Ft +VAT
| Soter Group
Presentation skills training | Soter Tréningakadémia | 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

Topics of Presentation Techniques

Differences between written and oral communication

Types of presentation

  • Self-presentation
  • Company presentation
  • Product presentations
  • Presentation of services

Preparing for the presentation

  • Relieving stress during preparation
  • Defining the goal
  • Defining the content, creating the principal message
  • Designing the structure of the presentation
  • The memory map
  • Design of awareness raising and maintenance tools
  • Note

Factors and process of presentation

  • "Stage manners"
  • Eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture
  • The voice
  • Treatment of stage frightness
  • Dealing with the unexpected reactions and questions of the audience
  • Use of technical aids

To whom do we recommend the presentation skills training?

We recommend our presentation training to all those who perform at smaller meetings or even in front of a larger audience, and who want to avoid boring presentations, want to face against the stage frightness, and want to make their presentations illustrative.

Expected results after the presentation skills training

  • You get feedback on how others see and hear you
  • You build up your speech more effectively
  • You are able to use the tools to make your performance memorable with more confidence
  • You can present the facts in a more authentic and convincing form

Presentation techniques and methods used in training

  • individual exercises
  • continuous feedback from the coach, determination of development points in
  • situational exercises
  • video camera analysis
  • interactive trainer presentation - max. 25%


If you have any questions or requests for quotations related to communication training, please feel free to contact our colleague!

Réka Sarkadi
Training manager
+36 1 887 2317