Resilience training – developing resilient mental endurance

The title of the training: Resilience training
Location of the training: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

Resilience training - developing resilient mental endurance

The goal of the resilience training is to enable participants to adapt to ever-changing expectations, constant readiness, and change while remaining optimistic and healthy. Our goal is for trainees to explore and be able to use their resources from which they can draw strength so that they are not overwhelmed by stress.

According to Gordon's 1995 definition, “resilience is the ability to thrive, mature, and increase competence in the face of adversity. These conditions can be biological disorders or environmental barriers. Adverse conditions can also be chronic and dense or severe, uncommon crises. For an individual in order to thrive, mature, increase his competence, he must mobilize all his resources, be it biological, psychological or environmental. ”


Resilience training dates and prices

2020. 09. 14.
Day of the training
Training duration
9:00 - 17:00
Participation fee
75.000 Ft +VAT
| Soter Group
Resilience training | Soter Tréningakadémia | 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

The topic of Resilience training

  • Definition of resilience, justification for its existence
  • Driving forces, drivers and strengths, we can build on - to keep it at such an optimal level
  • Self-knowledge and self-esteem - how many am I in a row? Who is playing the leader role in my life?
  • Self-knowledge exercises
  • Causes of stress and burnout
  • Phases of burnout (burnout), recognition in the early stages (what is charging and what draws in everyday life)
  • Individual development coping strategies, stress management
  • Creating individual action plans, setting enjoyable and achievable goals (Map of elections, Goal matrix)
  • The 5 magic questions - self-check to restore internal harmony

To whom do we recommend Resilience training?

  • for those who are particularly exposed to the effects of stress at work, such as call center staff, personal customer service
  • for middle and senior managers, HR specialists and HR generalists who care about maintaining the effective work of their employees and creating a healthy work environment
  • professionals (eg coaches, mediators, counselors, teachers, lecturers, etc.) who are at increased risk of burnout

The training is designed to enable participants ...

  • be able to recognize what factors charge and immerse them in everyday life and what impact and consequences they have
  • identify the internal drivers along which they operate, which of them endanger physical and mental harmony (Driver test) and what action plans can be created to keep these drivers at an optimal level
  • map their own energy finances and recognize the importance of self-esteem and self-care
  • effectively apply the methods learned in the training to manage stress and be able to discover their own, customized stress management techniques, to reduce the level of stress individually
  • master methods of dealing with internal conflicts
  • create an individual action plan, set livable and achievable goals (Election map, Goal matrix)
  • practice the effective management of stressful situations through situational exercises

By the end of the program, participants will be able to ...

  • recognize and identify the stressors that are most dangerous to them
  • find personalized solutions and apply them effectively to manage stress optimally
  • to stand up for themselves and to stand up for each conflict situation

Methods used

  • interactive trainer presentation - max. 25%
  • group exercises
  • situational exercises

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