Sales Performance – LEAN management training

The title of the training: Sales Performance - LEAN management training
Location of the training: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

Sales Performance - LEAN management training

One of the main principles of Western corporate cultures, LEAN management, is essentially to increase results and efficiency, to reduce losses.

In summary:

  • using as few resources as possible,
  • with the least possible loss,
  • to achieve the highest possible profit.


Sales Performance - LEAN management training dates and prices

Day of the training
Training duration
9:00 - 17:00
Participation fee
65.000 Ft +VAT
| Soter Group
Sales Performance - LEAN management training | Soter Tréningakadémia | 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 7.

The topic of Sales LEAN management training

  • A LEAN approach to the value creation process.
  • The role of SALES (opportunities for integration) in the value creation process.
  • Interpretation of value (customer) and loss in the SALES process.
  • LEAN in the sales process, exploring sources of loss.
  • Applying the LEAN approach to the design and application of the sales process.
  • The role of demand-based SALES and techniques in the LEAN sales process.
  • Further LEAN development and application possibilities in SALES PERFORMANCE.
  • Description of LEAN tools and methods.
  • SALES MANAGEMENT LEAN environment.

What changes are expected after the training?

  • Knowledge of LEAN tools and methods strengthens professional confidence, which helps sales in a LEAN environment, thus expanding the range of market opportunities.
  • Processed topics can contribute to shaping the attitudes of sales staff, which can increase conscious work, which reduces the loss of motivation and energy resulting from frustration.
  • Incorporating the knowledge and skills acquired in the training into everyday practice can reduce unnecessary work, which can have a good effect on the increase of personal effectiveness.

Why is Sales good if LEAN?

Company benefits:

Time and cost-effective business processes increase the chances of customer retention, which can increase the number of loyal customers, which supports the company’s market stability.
Employee efficiency increases, thereby reducing Burn Out risk and reducing fluctuation.
With the least possible effort and the lowest possible rate of return, the highest possible turnover can be achieved.

Business Partner Benefits:

Oiled customer service processes create a sense of security and reduce supplier exposure.
Transforming the customer relationship into a LEAN approach can make the complete LEAN system credible from the outside, which can inspire your partner to apply this to their own procurement and value creation process, thus significantly improving their own efficiency.
With predictable administration, your partner saves time and energy during the procurement process, which can improve your own profitability.

Seller Benefits:

There is a significant reduction in unnecessary work, which reduces frustration and stressful situations, which in itself makes work easier.
The time and energy released from dealing with past frustration situations can also be spent on self-recreation, which improves your quality of life.
Individual effectiveness increases noticeably, and this has a good effect on motivation, so you can achieve your own individual goals.

Methods used in Sales LEAN management training

  • interactive presentation – max. 30-35%
  • time management test, recognitions, self-knowledge
  • time management practices
  • group problem solving
  • structured experience sharing


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